A Mysterious Gumbo Podcast Launch!

It’s finally time to premiere my new, all original podcast series I have been working on!
A Mysterious Gumbo “The Sinister Muck.”
I am thrilled to be doing this series and so glad you dropped by to listen! The first story (or season) is called “The Sinister Muck” and is being told in chapters.

New chapters premiere every first and third Thursday of the month!

WHAT IS IT? A MYSTERIOUS GUMBO is an original ongoing audio series that follows a traveling writer who becomes entangled in a series of bizarre adventures with strange occurrences, eclectic characters, and dark, sinister forces trying to rip off all of our faces from beyond a deep rip in time and space. It’s also kind of fun.

So give us a listen! If you like it, please tell a few friends about it. If you REALLY like it, be sure to review us on iTunes or your favorite podcast app platform.

Thank you so much!


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